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CKE_Tech (Dongguan) Co., a high-end, high-input private CNC-certified high-precision machining service enterprise that integrates lathe machining, milling machine processing, CNC machining, wire cutting machining and surface grinding machine processing. The company is located in the Yongcun Industrial Zone, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, the capital of the world's manufacturing industry. The transportation is convenient and the supporting facilities are perfect.

Marketing Services:CKE_Tech is highly mobile, capable of rapid and flexible reporting, integrating industry-related raw materials, forging, casting, dewaxing, die casting, metal stamping, and powder Metallurgy, extruded profiles and various surface treatment, oxidation, electroplating, baking, polishing, heat treatment and other resources, combined with its powerful CNC metal cutting, grinding and other processing capabilities. Provide a supermarket high-tech processing service platform for large, medium and small batches of precision metal parts and components required by all walks of life in production!

Strive for high quality: Your high-quality, high-precision products start with CKE_Tech's ingenious quality processing of high-precision parts. CKE_Tech's comprehensive equipment, highly flexible integration capabilities, and a work attitude of excellence, ready to provide you with a full range of high-tech, high-quality processing and customized services.

Serving customers:CKE_Tech has been developing for many years, now in automation equipment, non-module automation parts, fixtures, mold/hard disk automation parts, fixtures/equipment structural parts, engineering machinery, industrial There are certain markets for precision metal parts and components in various industries such as connectors and communication equipment. At the same time, the company also actively cooperates with customers' R&D work and assists them to further improve to ensure that customers' products are reasonably priced and value for money.

Continuously enterprising:CKE_Tech relies on the belief of striving for industry excellence, to establish the concept of excellence, good living and working habits, confidence to dare to do, and to pursue better innovation. The honesty of hospitality is the management philosophy; we provide our customers with better high-precision machining services with the fine workmanship and artistic pursuit.

Efficiency and flexibility are our strengths. Lean production is our principle. It is our pursuit to meet customer needs. To achieve win-win is our goal; "to better meet customer requirements and expectations." "It is our quality policy!

In the face of new development opportunities and new challenges, CKE_Tech will continue to improve its equipment, technology and management capabilities and forge the core competitiveness of “CKE_Tech” with a new look. Efforts to meet the high demands of our customers' products and services.