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CNC lathe processing safety operation procedures

1. After the CNC lathe is energized, check whether the switches, buttons and buttons are normal, flexible, and whether the machine tool is abnormal.

2. After the program is input, the CNC lathe processing code, address, value, sign, and decimal point should be carefully checked for serious check.

3. Correctly measure and calculate the workpiece coordinate system. And check the results?? Enter the workpiece coordinate system and coordinate the coordinates. Coordinates, signs, and decimal points are carefully checked

4. Before the workpiece is installed, run the program once to see if the program can be carried out smoothly, whether the tool and fixture are installed properly, and whether there is “overtravel”.

5. The fast speed switch must be hit to the lowest gear when cutting.

6. When cutting the tool, when the tool runs to the workpiece 30~50mm, it must be verified under the feed to verify whether the remaining values of the Z-axis and X-axis coordinates are consistent with the machining program.

7. In cutting and machining, after sharpening the tool and changing the tool, it is necessary to re-measure the tool position and modify the tool compensation value and the tool compensation number.

8. After the revision is made, the revised part should be checked carefully.

9. The machine must be started after confirming that the workpiece is clamped. It is strictly forbidden to measure and touch the workpiece while the workpiece is rotating.

10. In case of abnormal conditions such as workpiece jumping, shaking, abnormal sound, and loose fixture, it must be stopped.

11. After the emergency stop, the machine “return to zero” operation should be performed again to run the program again.