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The composition of the automatic tool changer in the machining center

The machining center is developed from the basic CNC milling machine. It combines all the features and functions of the CNC milling machine. The only difference from the CNC milling machine is that the machining center has an automatic tool changer, which can realize the automatic tool change function during machining. The CNC milling machine does not have an automatic tool changer, and the automatic tool change function cannot be realized. This is the only difference between the CNC milling machine and the machining center. Today, Xiaobian introduces the automatic tool changer.

The composition of the automatic tool changer in the machining center

The automatic tool changer of the machining center is composed of a tool magazine, a robot arm and a drive mechanism. The tool magazine stores the tools required for machining. There are many types of magazines, mainly based on the shape of a multi-purpose magazine, such as a bucket magazine, a disc magazine and a chain magazine. These magazines have several to hundreds of tools. There are two types of tool magazines used in the common machining centers on the market: the bucket type magazine and the disc type magazine. The chain type magazine is not used by many manufacturers because of its high price. The following small series will introduce the way of changing the knife.

Tool change method of bucket type magazine

The tool change method of the bucket magazine is relatively simple. This type of magazine does not have a robot arm, so there is no need to use a robot arm to complete the tool change. The tool change method of the tool magazine is as follows: the tool magazine moves to the main shaft to realize the tool change. This type has the advantages of high cost performance, convenient maintenance, simple structure, etc., but the disadvantage is that the tool change speed is slow.

Bucket magazine

Tool change method of disc type

The tool change mode of the disc type magazine is more complicated. The main tool is to change the tool by the robot arm. The robot removes the tool from the tool magazine and rotates it into the spindle to complete the tool change. Such a tool magazine has the advantages of a fast tool change speed, and has the disadvantages of complicated structure, inconvenient maintenance, and high failure rate.

Disc magazine

Although the tool change mode, tool selection mode and tool structure of these tool magazines are different, they are all controlled by the numerical control system. The selection and exchange of tools are realized by motor, air pressure or hydraulic pressure and robot.